Friday, January 19, 2007

when Engrish attacks

One of my students wrote the following in a homework assignment. I quote here only the relevant part:

I want to talk about the novel "where the river runs".
It was written by Richard S. Wheeler. And the story is related to topic we talked about(ethical question).

It's about the period of pioneering of America. There was a soldier. He had to negotiate with many Indians with his privates. But most of them caught cholera and died.

Ladies, the white man's penis is positively swarming with bacteria. Do not approach it, let alone touch or taste it. Should you see such a penis in the vicinity, report it to your local police station. If a white man should attempt to negotiate with you with his privates, move quickly to a public area. If the white man should trip and have his penis accidentally fall inside you several times, do not panic, but proceed immediately to a local hospital for treatment. This pubic service announcement is brought to you by sperm.


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