Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the lost audioblogs

Charles decided to start podcasting (see here), and I suddenly remembered that I had been itching to stick all my short little audioblogs in one place, now that I have mastered the ways of Odeo.

Without further ado, then, the seven short audioblogs I did last year:

1. The Triumphal Entry

Don't let Kevin near a microphone.

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2. Boob Planet

My impression of a character on "Retarded Animal Babies." This is one of my favorite lines from the series.

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3. Satan's Day Tribute

For June 6, 2006:

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4. Satan's Reply to Rory

Rory complained about the poor audio. Before I could respond, Satan intervened on my behalf.

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5. Ask Satan

Perhaps my most ambitious podcast. We've got music and special effects and bad Sean Connery impersonations.

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6. Mike's Birthday Tribute

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7. A Birthday Message for my Goddaughter

For my goddaughter, on what I thought was her tenth birthday. It was actually her ninth. Whoops.

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NB: If you get an error message after pressing "play," hit "refresh" on your browser and try that puppy again.


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