Thursday, January 04, 2007


This pic has been up on Drudge for a few days, and it pleases me to no end. The idea that Mademoiselle Spears might be huddled in a corner somewhere, screeching, "Take it doooowwwwwwwwwnnnn!" while hugging herself and rocking in her own feces makes my nipple hairs writhe in glee.

My problem with Britney has always been twofold. First, she's a terrible singer. Second, she has always looked a little too perfect, too symmetrical-- almost computer-generated. I couldn't relate to someone who looked that artificial.

But I think it was one of my brothers who, a couple years ago, prophesied that Britney's burly Texan genes would one day assert themselves and she would find herself brusquely escorted out of the boutique of slimness and into the wasteland of the "beasty." That's my brothers' term for it, anyway; it's a bastardization of "obese." Brit's not obese, of course.

Not yet.


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