Sunday, January 07, 2007


Motorcycle-ridin' Jeff was discharged from the hospital on December 23 (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dude), but he decided to take a little memento from the hospital with him: I looked at my x-rays, i noticed a bright white twisty-looking thing in the middle of my thigh bone near my knee. I had never noticed that before. It was much brighter white than the screws or the titanium plate. I asked what it was. I was told that it is the end of a drill bit that broke off inside my bone when they were drilling screw holes. That broken drill bit will apparently be my friend for life, as taking it out would apparently mean slicing open the inside of my thigh, breaking or drilling a larger hole in my thigh bone, yanking out the broken piece, sewing me back up again and going through the entire healing process again. I think I will let it stay there.

Give it back, Jeff!

On a side note, I must say that this doesn't improve my opinion of Korean health care. I've been lucky so far (very good dentist, OK school clinic, always good pharmacies), but I wonder what delights await me should I ever find myself in a traffic or hiking accident.


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