Tuesday, June 26, 2007

...and we're back in Seoul

It's sad to be away from the States, but it's also good to be back.

I've got stories to tell, some of which will get told tonight because I plan on doing absolutely nothing productive this evening aside from eating, unpacking, uploading pics, and farting out thoughts about my all-too-brief time in the States.

In other news, my cell phone seems to have died off completely (no, wait-- it's working again, albeit barely), but the three items I had wanted fixed in my dorm-- the light above the kitchen stove, the leaky bathroom sink, and the second bathroom lightbulb-- all seem to have been fixed in my absence, per my pre-departure written request to our concierges.

The taxi ride from the downtown Lotte Hotel to my place was pleasant; the driver complimented my broken Korean. The various plane rides over (DC-Newark, Newark-Narita, Narita-Seoul), plus the limousine bus ride from Incheon Airport to the downtown Lotte Hotel, were almost-- almost-- without incident, and you can bet I'll be writing about that little issue tonight.

More later as I unwind, unpack, find some dinner, buy some supplies, and otherwise loll about.


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