Friday, June 01, 2007

it is accomplished

We had a great time in my 1:10pm class. They left cute love notes on the blackboard for me; I saw them when I got out of my 3PM meeting. Somehow, during the jjong-party, I managed to serve two kinds of pasta and sauce (with a lot of help from the girls as they prepped the garlic bread and readied the salads, drinks, desserts, and place settings). The reviews were quite positive. Thank goodness everyone arrived to class hungry.

I'm still thinking this will be my final year at Smoo, given certain issues with the higher-ups and my desire to try this walk across America next year. I've had some ideas about how the walk might work and what sort of budget I'd have to have. Over the next few months I'll probably use the blog to think out loud about the walk, and will appreciate any comments the readership might have. Many thanks for the comments I've gotten so far.

By the way-- a walk across America doesn't necessarily signal a permanent departure from Korea. However, one thing I do want to consider is whether I want to remain in Korea too long. There are personal reasons for this line of thought, which I won't get into here, but rest assured they have nothing to do with being tired of Korea. Sure, I have my moments when the country exasperates me, but I doubt I'm any different from expats in the States who despair of ever relating to my home culture. Such negative feelings are temporary; in general, I love being here.

More on all this later.



kwandongbrian said...

I rode my bike across most of Canada and hope someday to finish the trip. I did indeed learn something about myself - chiefly that I am not the sort to be comfortable alone for more than a few days.
I thought that with a book and a goal, I wouldn't miss friends and I learned I was wrong. From the fifth day or so, I noticed myself chatting up convenience store clerks, just to talk to someone.

I could not get excited about your plan - bike speed is better suited to my temperment - but I wish you luck.

I also suggest the Apalachian Trail as a warmup and a test run for your own state of mind.

I know that you will want to do large sections solo for soul-searching but you should also plan to have friends join you here and there. I want to hear more about your plans - if you want some guests to do parts with you, I'm up for a week or so with you.

Anonymous said...

Walk the walk.

Squalk the squalllk.

Hawlk the hawlk.