Wednesday, June 27, 2007

how sad

Readers of this blog already know I hate cell phones. Now there's a report that claims one-third of UK cell phone users would not give up their cell phones, even if they were offered a million pounds (about 2 million dollars) to do so.

Pitiful. I'd give up a testicle for two million dollars. (Though I would want a neuticle replacement.)


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Anonymous said...

I never quite got my father's need to escape life's constant distractions by camping out in the bathroom with his books for hours at a time, until the proliferation of cell/hand/mobile phones, internet (not all of it porn), and gaming saturated my every waking moment. My father's sanctuary was only missing the Lazy-Boy, too bad bathrooms in South Korea aren't as easily upgradeable.

Now, my students are aghast when I tell them that I own no phone of any sort. People contact me via e-mail or Windows Live Messenger which allows me to call anywhere in the world for 2 cents/minute. They nearly pass out when they find out that I don't play the latest Warcraft or Starcraft games, or almost any for that matter.

It won't be long before future generations devolve into morlocks with an aversion to light, exercise, and face to face conversation (ah, the joys of web cams).