Sunday, June 17, 2007

no pics yet

The parents' digital camera burned itself out: it was used to take pics of the wedding the parents attended immediately after the book signing. I have to wait a few hours before I can upload the digicam pics: the battery is charging, and I don't know where the camera's power cord is.

A few stats from the event:

Number of attendees: roughly 40-50, based on the number of people who signed the guestbook.

Number of books sold: approximately 76 out of 96 ordered online. This puts me way ahead in my goal to sell "a couple hundred" books in one year's time. I've sold over 30 copies already; 30 + 76 = 106. 94 more to go to meet my goal, and I've got most of a year to achieve it.

Amount of money earned: $1600. No joke: that seems to be the count.

You may be wondering how one can have $1600 when the books were being sold for $20 each and the number of books appears to be in the 70s. This is because some of the nice ladies who bought books from me decided to give me a little extra money. Pretty amazing.

Actual profit: This one's a toughie to calculate, because the parents gave me $1100 to order those 96 books (with bulk order discount, the cost of the order was almost exactly $1100), but they don't want any of that money back for themselves. If the parents were to get their money back, my profits would be $1600 - $1100 = $500, which is not a bad haul. But because the parents refuse to accept what I owe them, the profit I take to the bank will be a whopping $1600-- probably going to my plane ticket to Europe for December. That amount of money for a few hours' work is not a bad deal at all.

More on the book signing later. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.


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Anonymous said...

Hola! I just got back from our cruise:)

Zap me an email to let me know when you'll be returning to Korea, as I have something I want to send off to you before you go! SOMETHING ELSE, I mean!