Saturday, June 02, 2007

looking homeward

This weekend and Monday are all about trip prep-- I have various shopping errands to do, instructions to give the dorm concierge, one last bit of book printing to take care of, and other items on a fairly long to-do list.

My days, once in the States, look to be completely spoken for. The calendar looks like this:

June 5: departure from Seoul and arrival in DC (thank you, 13-hour time difference, for the same-day arrival)

June 6-9: off to Texas to pay respects to my Uncle Ed and to see my other relatives

June 10: cook-out at an old friend's house in Maryland

June 11: two book-related interviews, one for local cable TV and one for a Korean newspaper

June 12-13: probably the only two free days I have, to be spent with my brothers, if possible, and/or with some local bloggers

June 14-15: meeting up with my old friend, Dr. Steve

June 16: BOOK SIGNING EVENT! If you're in the area, watch this blog for more information

June 17: Father's Day

June 18-19: these are "move my books out of the parents' place and into public storage" days; my shit's been cluttering their house for years, and the folks could use some breathing room

June 20-22: time to be spent over at my buddy Mike's house; will hang with him and his family

June 23: driving down to Newport News to meet another friend

June 24: return trip prep

June 25: departure, with arrival in Seoul on the 26th (thank you, 13-hour difference, for the next-day arrival)

So now I'm off to collect some printed copies of Water from a Skull, hit the gym before it closes, and go wander around Namdaemun Market to find some funky gift items.


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Save and happy trip...