Saturday, June 23, 2007

book profits

The smoke has cleared; the initial buying frenzy is over. I deposited $1920.00 in the bank earlier this afternoon after I got back from my visit to the Villainschloss. Water from a Skull* continues to sell here; we're almost through the 96 books I had originally ordered, putting my total number of books sold somewhere close to 130. That brings me ever closer to the magic 200, which is about the number I had hoped to sell in a year (well, I had said "a couple hundred," which could be taken to mean more than 200 books).

UPDATE: Then there's this guy who, in two months, has sold over 10,000 copies of his latest book, which devotes a lot of space to trashing Korea.

*Apparently misnamed Walk from a Skull in a recent church bulletin. Oy.


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