Sunday, June 10, 2007

between presidents

I arrived in Virginia this past Tuesday, then bounced over to Houston the very next day to meet relatives, and only just got back. My travels have therefore taken me between Reagan National Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Just to alleviate the fears of my liberal readers: during my stay in Texas, I saw no guns drawn, participated in no barroom brawls, and heard nary a Sam Elliott twang. Furthermore, you should know that even though I'm a Virginian, I don't spend my time rolling around naked in vats filled with ham and tobacco leaves, and haven't executed any prisoners (VA is #2 after Texas when it comes to application of the death penalty).

My conservative readers, meanwhile, will be heartened to know that one of my Texan cousins wants a harsh clampdown on the southern border with Mexico, and she'd love to see English as the one official language of the United States.

So there we are. More later as I have the chance.


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Anonymous said...

Take a pick. Then take your leave.

Take a lick. Then take your weave.

Take a hick. Then take your sleeve.