Thursday, June 28, 2007

the errands continue... and the weather sucks

It's jang-ma (monsoon) season, and the rains finally fell today, though not enough for my taste. I want a nice, constant, oppressive rain-- one that cools the place down. I'm still doing errands around town, and lemme tell you, it's fockin' hot and humid here. I'm hatin' life and taking taxis short distances just to stay near an A/C. I have to go out again in about an hour. May it rain again-- long and hard this time.

Down, ass-crack sweat! Down!

The new term starts Monday. It's plain to me now that I'll have to arrive for classes an hour earlier, to allow my ass crack (and by extension, my pants) to dry out before lessons begin. Shite. Fook. Diddle.



Anonymous said...

Instead of leaving an hour early, why notte walk tew work in "sweaty pants" and once at work, change into fresh, dry "work pants."


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea, how about taking two pairs of trousers and some powder with you to work, so that you have something fresh and dry to wear while at work? And then just alternate which ones you wear every other day, so no one will be onto the wardrobe criss-cross.

Allow a little bit more time during your a.m. commute to allow for the wardrobe change.

And at the end of the day just change out of them. This would be nice if you had a locker or closet at your disposal. But I think the overall idea is a good one.

During the heyday when I was taking Xenical, which then caused sudden onset explosive fecal breaches the likes of which I was afraid to cough let alone sneeze at work, I had seriously contemplated an emergency bag containing fresh underwear, fresh pants, wet ones, etc. I tempted the fecal gods as it were, and fortunately never lived to regret NOT having this bag.

Jelly said...

How about just jamming your ass full of stick-on absorpant maxi pads? In fact, it's so muggy here you should plaster your whole body with them!

Jelly said...

I'm wondering,...when you're out running errands, do you leave your air-con in your apartment on?

Kevin Kim said...


re: A/C left on during errands

Hell, yes! I don't pay a utility bill (hooray!), so I leave that sucker on. If I don't, it's like starting all over again, because that tiny wall unit needs time to re-cool the entire place.


Anonymous said...

The maxipad comment is sponsoring this brain fart: What about 7 day antiperspirant pads? You shower up, clean and dry your chasm, and then wipe it thoroughly with a 7 day antiperspirant pad. I used to wipe these on my face, back in the days when I used to wear make up during the summer, to prevent sweating it off.

Jelly said...

I do pay a utility bill, but I sometimes (the last couple days) just leave it on as well. The place heats up in no time if I turn it off, and then has to work on turbo for a number of hours before the place is cool enough again! Besides, it's so nice to walk into a cool place. I feel a bit bad about wasting the electricity- but big furry Kamikaze is in there enjoying the coldness!