Monday, June 11, 2007

I may as well just apologize now
for the mass cancellation

Several local bloggers have corresponded about possible get-togethers, but the more I contemplate my schedule, the less I believe such get-togethers will be feasible. I have only two free days with my brothers-- the 12th and the 13th. The rest of my time here is spoken for.

I hope you all will understand if I cancel now and ask that we put things off until a later date, whenever that might be. While I had looked forward to meeting you (Richardson, Corsair, Jason, et al.), I simply don't think I'll be able to swing this. If, however, you're able to hit the book signing on Saturday the 16th, that'll be most coolious. Please be sure to make yourselves known to me on that day, as I probably won't recognize you by sight.

My apologies.

NB: Just so you know-- I'm an introvert, but not a recluse. I've met a few people in Korea through blogging, including at least one fellow blogger while I was selling art (well, trying to sell art) at the Hope Market in Seoul. I'm happy to meet new folks, and am sincerely sorry that things have not worked out this time around.



corsair the rational pirate said...

No problem, dude. I know how it is to be in town a few days with plenty to do and not enough time to do it in.

I will try and swing by the signing on Saturday. You won't know me since I have yet to post a pic of my loverly self. I'll be the one with the peg leg and the hook on my left hand.


Jason said...

Ditto for me. Enjoy your time here while you can.

I'll be there Saturday (what was the time again?), but only if you promise to sign my breasts. Look for the tall awkward-looking skinny honky in the Red Sox hat.