Monday, September 24, 2012

a good sleep

Slept well last night, despite a slight sore throat (it got better during the day, Saturday) and continuing neck and shoulder pain. Feeling much better today. I might even put in a few hours of proofreading (the Big Boss wrote me back and essentially gave me permission to work overtime, with the understanding that any overflow time would be "comp"ed to the next pay period, so still no overtime pay), and might try knocking off the last of my sore throat with Elisson's suggestion of ginger tea (I have plenty of insam-cha in storage; can't stand the stuff).

Right now, I'm off to Costco, that temple of Big-Boxitude, to go shopping for some necessities-- paper towels, food, meds, etc.-- after which I'm likely to get back to scrutinizing manuscripts in need of linguistic repair.

UPDATE: Scratch Costco. They close at 6 today, and it's 5:15. The drive to Winchester is a half-hour from where I live. Tomorrow, then, God willing.


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