Sunday, September 09, 2012

arduous day

I had three sets of three students, plus one set of two students, to teach today. Eleven students might not sound like much to you, but keep in mind that every student is following a unique lesson plan, which means I'm teaching eleven different lesson plans-- a nightmare scenario for most normal teachers. With three students in front of me, I'm constantly swiveling in my seat, helping Student A, then Student B, then Student C. A tiring day. I was so tired that, at one point, I lost my concentration for a second and very nearly said "driving erotically" when I meant "driving erratically" --which of course got me thinking about how, exactly, I would drive erotically if given the chance. Would I describe long, lazy S-curves on the road? Would I park my car partway in an alley, then drive in, reverse, drive in, reverse, drive in, reverse, all while flicking my tongue madly? I'd love to have one of those cars with the crazy hydraulic brakes. I'd make my ride hump the earth-- bounce, bounce, bounce-- every time I passed by a cute chick. ¡Venga, muchacha bonita!

Stay horny, my friend.


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John said...

Hmmm, I've had some erotic drives thanks to the willing lips of some girlfriends, but I can't say I've ever driven erotically. Thanks for the visualization.