Sunday, September 16, 2012

new customers

Who says you can't network while getting a haircut? There's a chance I may have snagged some new private students at the local barbershop. Those ajummas love to chirp, cluck, and squawk over me, and today their discussion of YB, my place of work, morphed into curiosity about whether I taught privately. I hesitated a bit, then confessed that I do indeed have a tutoring website, which they were welcome to visit. One lady has a child or two needing help; two other ladies are very curious as to whether I'd teach them English conversation. I have no idea whether these ladies are seriously interested, but I can see they've been looking for alternatives to YB, which they've all heard rumors about, and which they all poo-pooh as too expensive.

I gave them my site's address as well as my tutoring-related email address. I guess we'll soon know what comes of all this.


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