Saturday, September 29, 2012

Korean street food 2: big, spicy hot dogs


The sauce coating the dogs is a combination of gochu-jang (red pepper paste) and corn syrup. I started cooking the dogs in my grill pan on medium-high heat, then reduced the temperature to medium for slower cooking. This allowed the dogs' surface to become almost candied.

The franks are Costco's Kirkland Beef Dinner Franks. Immodestly proportioned, sexually frightening, but delicious to man and woman alike. You'll notice that I didn't go for the spiral cut; I was too lazy.

Below, you see a shot reminiscent of the street food you'll find in Seoul: a dog with a stick up its ass.

All in all, I got the look right, but Kirkland franks don't taste quite like the dogs they use in Seoul. Those are fattier and more sausage-y, which makes me think they're made from pork. That said, these Ameridogs were still pretty damn good.



Charles said...

Those dogs look pretty good. I have no idea how they would stack up against the street-food dogs here... because I don't think I've ever actually had one. Certain types of street food here appeal to me, but the dogs do not. Not because I dislike hot dogs or sausages or anything. For some reason, my reaction has always been kind of "meh."

Somehow yours look tastier, though.

Kevin Kim said...

I sometimes feel the sausage casings on Korean sausages are thicker and more "plasticky" than European and American casings, which can be a real turn-off. It just means the nice lady has to grill the hell out of the sausages to make them edible.

Charles said...

And yet somehow they still feel it necessary to sell some sausages here with actual plastic coverings over the plasticky casing. I remember I boiled up some sausages way back when and got quite a surprise when I tried to bite into one. It took me a little while to figure out that it was actually sheathed in plastic.

Kevin Kim said...

Oppa'n Condom Style!

John said...

They look really tasty. Like menu pictures. And nothing ever looks as good as the menu picture.