Saturday, September 22, 2012

sore throat

They say our immune systems are vulnerable when the seasons are in transition. God knows why. But whatever the real biological causes, I've got a very painful sore throat-- have had this bastard since yesterday. Oh, and a bit of a runny nose, too.

My throat kept me awake, combining nicely with a stiff neck that I've had for several days, such that I got zero sleep last night. Time to whip out all the relevant potions, tinctures, and other reagents of recovery. And maybe consider gulping down an energy drink before class.



Elisson said...

A speedy recovery. They say ginger tea helps... I say ginger tea with a shot of bourbon helps even more.

Bratfink said...

I once had a terrible sore throat and kept taking aspirin for the pain.

Then a friend suggested I might have strep throat, which left untreated could lead to HEART PROBLEMS.

I went to the doc and guess what? I had strep throat! Damn teens bring all kinds of shit home from school.

So be careful there, OK? If it persists DO see a dr.

And one more horror story since I'm in the mood...

Why are you using Pepto? If it's for heartburn I'd suggest something else.

If it's for diarrhea, I'd also suggest letting nature run its course. IF you have some kind of intestinal bug, diarrhea is nature's way of getting rid of it. Stopping that traps the bug inside your intestines and can lead to death.

I kid you not.

I no longer use Pepto for any reason. I have been known to use Immodium AD if I have to be out and about in the world, and Immodium AD doesn't make me shit tar later.

We use generic Tums here at the Cave and they are cheap at Walgreen's or CVS.

We can't buy Northern brand terlit paper here. I don't know why but it stops up the terlit. Weird, that.

Good luck!