Monday, September 03, 2012

awesomeness to ensue

My buddy Dr. Steve will be here in a few hours. I've been promised a birthday meal, possibly at the Apple House. If so, I may gorge myself on the Apple House's infamous one-pound burger-- that, or their bison burger. And perhaps we'll go around the corner, get some of that lovely Apple House soft-serve ice cream, sit at a nearby picnic table, and leer at the female customers. Assuming the rains will have stopped by then, of course.

It's hard to be pervy in the rain.



  1. Few things are sadder than a moistened pervert.

  2. Belated comment after reading your Twitter feed: is the cheeseburger one full pound of meat with cheese added to it? And I assume that's precooked weight, correct? Still, roughly 450 g of flesh... that's more than what HJ and I usually eat in a meal combined. Impressive.

  3. Charles,

    Yes, I'm pretty sure that it was a pound of meat plus cheese, and that the "one pound" rating referred to the pre-cooked weight of the meaties. It was still a gargantuan brick of a burger, and juicy as all hell.



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