Sunday, December 09, 2012

an... honor?

As you know, I did not attend our company's Christmas party yesterday (see my feelings on the party here, here, and here). One of the things I missed was an awards ceremony, and as my gentle supervisor K told me this morning when I got into the office, I had won an award:

Notice the strange wording on the certificate: I had contributed to the academic achievement and personal growth of our company (company name fuzzed out), not of our company's students. So whom have I been teaching all this time?

With only four people on the teaching staff at our branch, I had a 25% chance of winning this award (which I didn't even know was being given, and toward which I therefore did not strive), and you'll note that the award is only for our branch: it's not a regional or national award. So for this brief moment, I'm the local golden boy. Not that I even deserve the award, of course: my colleagues are all excellent and easily more deserving. I also wonder whether they're miffed at me, for I heard not a single congratulatory utterance from anyone, today, about the award. I guess they had other things to think about than my undeserving ass.

And that's about it. I'm Teacher of the Year for YB Near. Guess I can slap this on my résumé.



John said...

Congrats! From now on, December 7 will be remembered as a day in fame. Or something like that.

Kevin Kim said...

Yes, it's a bit like winning the Oscar for Best Actor, but with approximately 1/300,000,000 the significance.

Charles said...

How does a company grow "personally"?

Anyway, congrats on your awesomeness. Don't spend all the prize money in one place.

Kevin Kim said...


Heh. I'll do my best not to spend my massive fortune too quickly.

Kstylick said...

I still want to congratulate you for winning the award. Your colleagues didn't greet you then don't mind them. I believe you're as deserving as any winner. :)

Kevin Kim said...

Why, thank you, Kstylick.