Monday, December 03, 2012

today, lads, we tutor

I've got a private tutoring gig not far from YB Far, about an hour's drive away. The students are two Korean kids-- a brother and a sister-- who are the children of one of the barbershop ajummas. My friendly Korean banter in the barbershop has paid off, it seems. Here's hoping that word spreads of my (cough) mad teaching skilz, and that I start raking in more business.

The siblings, though several years apart in age, are both in ESL programs,* so my duties will probably be similar to the sort of teaching I used to do back when I lived in Korea: English conversation, basic reading and writing, etc. This ought to be interesting, despite the painful crimp this puts on my weekend schedule. (As you know, I value my weekends as sacred, and hate-- hate-- working on off-days.)

Today's session will be a bit awkward: it's Intro Day, after all, so I'll spend most of my time asking the kids what they hope to get out of the tutoring, concocting a basic plan of attack, and determining our tailor-made standards of assessment as we shuffle along over the coming months.

Wish me luck.

*The sister told me she's done with her program, but that she plans to take the big ESL exam at the end of the year.


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