Friday, December 21, 2012

eschaton update

It's 2:49AM in Appalachia as I write this. That means it's nearly 5PM on December 21 in South Korea-- 17 hours with no apocalypse. The peninsula's still here, last I checked-- no world-ending horror has occurred, not unless newly elected president Park Geun-hye is vomiting dragons out of her crotch.

So I think it's safe to go to bed, now, and expect to wake up to pretty much the same world I'll be abandoning while I dream.

Good night, all.


1 comment:

Charles said...

The world has not ended because I am still writing up my analysis of The Hobbit (currently 3,500 words and counting). I made a deal with God that he would forestall the apocalypse so I could finish writing the analysis. In return I promised him my firstborn.