Tuesday, December 04, 2012

the "blowout" almoço

David sends the following pics from his wife's godmother's place in Fortaleza, Brazil. Hover your cursor over the images to see David's explanation of them:

It all looks lovely. I told David that the Brazilian flavor profile seems to match up fairly well with Southwestern/Cajun-- lots of African influence in Brazilian cuisine. I speculated that David's in-laws might enjoy a nice jambalaya, but David replied that Brazilians like eating their food components separately, not all jumbled together, and they don't appreciate things being overly spicy, as some of the more aggressive jambalayas can be.



The Maximum Leader said...

Flan... Mmmmm....

Elisson said...

All of that looks amazing.

Black beans. Passionfruit. All kindsa goodies!