Friday, December 07, 2012

pissed off at my rental office

When I got home from work at 10:30 this evening, I saw a white envelope stuck between my door and the jamb. It was a notice saying that I needed to pay a $30.00 late fee for delinquent rent-- despite the fact that I had paid on time: I had left my check in the office's mail slot on the night of November 30.

So I'm on the warpath, now: I'll be visiting the rental office Friday morning to talk with someone about this problem. If they insist that I was late, I'm going to hand them a copy of my bank records, which show that my rental check was cashed on Tuesday, December 4. Since it takes at least two business days for a check to be cashed once deposited, this means the deposit took place on Saturday, December 1st-- the day I gave the office my damn check. If the office still isn't convinced, I'll call my bank and confirm that my check was deposited on the first of the month, and was therefore on time.

This situation had better not escalate. I want a calm, civilized resolution, but if the office is going to insist that I pay a penalty for something that isn't my fault, I may have to get ugly.


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