Thursday, December 06, 2012


Jazz great Dave Brubeck has died. Mr. Brubeck, a friendly old man if ever there was one, spoke at my brother Sean's undergraduate graduation ceremony at the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music. He ended his speech with a hearty "God bless!" As a tribute to Brubeck, two pianos had been brought on stage and, to the delight of all the attendees, two CIM pianists did a dueling version of Brubeck's super-fast "Rondo à la Turk."

The heavens gain a magnificent angel.



Aaron said...

I love Brubeck's music (especially his work with Jimmy Rushing - link below), but in reading your post about his death, I had the same reaction as when I heard that R.E.M. had broken up: "Assumed that happened a long time ago." Perhaps Brubeck, god bless him, would've been a good candidate for the old "Alive, Dead, or Canadian?" game.

Kstylick said...

I don't know Mr. Brubeck personally but with your kind words I believe he has been a good man. With that I pray for his soul's peace and rest. An additional angel indeed.