Tuesday, December 04, 2012

for commenter Scott

Here. Sorry it took so long, but I was trying to find a comprehensive list.


1. James Lovelock, famed Gaiaista and global-warming alarmist, backpedals.

2. Former big-time greenie (now more moderate greenie) Fritz Vahrenholt on "the CO2 lie." (Also courtesy Malcolm.)



Scott said...

It's hard to say how meaningful (or meaningless) this number is. Reminds me of the Project Steve response to the Discovery Institute's list of biologists who doubt evolution. http://ncse.com/taking-action/project-steve
And what is the trend of opinion? It seems to me (might be wrong) that over the past decade we've seen more scientists shift over to the climate change.

Scott said...

Lovelock's opinions on environmentalism in general seem very reasonable to me. If you follow the link to what he actually says about climate change, you'll see that he hasn't reversed his opinion that it is occurring and is likely man-made. He just calls for reasonable measures to reduce emissions.