Tuesday, September 09, 2014

16,999 + 2,540 = 19,539

What a lame supermoon. Seoul got gypped by Mother Nature: the night was way too cloudy, and the clouds dimmed almost all of the cosmic luster I had been hoping for. The moon just looked like a regular moon to me as I hiked up Namsan tonight.

I started my hike late, having done a wee bit of walking earlier in the day. As a result, I didn't get back to my hovel until after midnight. Before midnight, I had managed 16,999 steps; after midnight, it took another 2,540 steps to get me to my bed. That's a rough total of 19.5K steps for a single hiking session, but the way my pedometer divides things up (it always resets at midnight), my monthly average will be calculated based on my having done almost 17K steps on Monday.

Today, Tuesday, I'm off to the Golden Goose for five hours of make-up work (I came in late last Wednesday because I'd had to spend all day at Immigration), then I give the Goose my full eight hours on Wednesday. My free time will be spent finishing up syllabi and lesson plans, so as I may have said earlier, this isn't much of a break for yours truly.

In other news: just eight more days to go before I get paid. Can't wait.


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