Friday, September 12, 2014

Dr. Steve at 45

A fellow 69-er, my buddy-since-eighth-grade Dr. Steve turns 45 today. Steve's got a doctorate in modern American lit, and he teaches English at a college in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (where the movie "Signs" is set, if that does anything for you). Steve would visit me on occasion while I was living in Front Royal, Virginia; he'd normally be around for Thanksgiving, and sometimes even for Christmas, which was nice, since I now rarely celebrate big American holidays en famille. Ideologically, Steve and I are pretty far apart; he's quite a liberal while I consider myself much more middle-of-the-road (look up "political compass" in my blog's search window and see the posts where I've displayed my compass results). Secretly, Steve is a good cartoonist and amateur chef; more openly, he's a talented songwriter and guitar player, thereby conforming with the stereotypically hipster ideal he's shooting for. He's also a kind, caring soul, as well as an all-around decent fellow. Now that I'm in Korea again, my correspondence with Steve has slowed to a mere trickle, which is unfortunate, but we're both busy, so that can't be helped. Despite the distance, I still wish my friend a very happy 45th. Halfway to 90, I say!


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