Saturday, September 06, 2014

new "frankly speaking" post

You now know where to look for my "frankly speaking" posts, so go to it! I just finished writing a post about the annoyances I experienced this past Friday.



Unknown said...

Your breadcrumb trail was eaten by rabid ravens before I got to the place of frankness.

Kevin Kim said...


I had left a clue here re: where to find those "frankly speaking" posts.

Please email me at if you want/need a fuller explanation.


Charles said...

Just curious if we should comment on those posts or not, and if we should do it there or here.

('cause I read your latest post, and I have my doubts about the efficacy of animal sacrifice in the classroom. I'm not saying that it can't be useful in certain situations, but I don't think biting the heads off of the smaller creatures is really the best way to kill them. I think I would prefer a knife, with a bowl to catch the blood.)

Kevin Kim said...

Feel free to leave comments on those posts. When you write a comment, it appears in a comment queue, so it'll always be front and center from my point of view, since I have to approve it for it to appear on the blog. Once the comment appears on the blog, it'll be appended to the hidden post, so it'll be just as hidden as the post it's attached to because it's in the same part of the archive.

By the way, beheading larger animals is much preferred because then you can have trachea-sex with them.