Thursday, September 11, 2014


A mindful 9/11 to my fellow Americans.

Today marked a return to teaching, and I don't think the date resonated with any of my students. For better or worse, the date still resonates with me.


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SJHoneywell said...

I may be a bad American for saying this, but the date doesn't resonate with me as much as it used to. I've seen it used too often as a justification for bad policy and bad decisions, jingoism and nationalism.

Do I remember the day? Yes, I do. But at some point, it becomes a bad day in history, like December 7. 1941, or November 22, 1963.

Remember the day, absolutely. Never forget the day, yes. But it's too often used as a justification for things I don't want to be a part of, and that has more and more fueled my dread of this date on the calendar every year.