Saturday, September 13, 2014


Weight fluctuations can be amusing and frustrating. On the evenings that I don't do Namsan, my weight shoots up instantaneously. On the evenings that I do do Namsan, I either lose a tiny bit of weight or remain at the same weight. I was around 120 kg a few days ago; when I didn't walk up Namsan for two days straight, my weight instantly went up to 122 kg—a 4-pound gain. After tonight's walk, I'm back down to 120 kg again.

Tonight's walk was a little over 22.5K steps, i.e., over ten miles (16 km). I double-summited Namsan once more, again taking the steep "descending" bus route. By the end of the night, my monthly steps-per-day average had been restored to nearly 14K/day. I hope to do this again both Saturday and Sunday night. Whatever it takes to keep the weight down.


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