Saturday, September 13, 2014

a milestone: 119.8 kg

Today, I dropped below 120 kilograms for the first time: 119.8 kg, or 264.2 pounds. As an American living in Korea, with two systems of weights and measures floating in my head, I'm never quite sure what to think of all the possible milestones at my disposal. I can set milestones in terms of pounds or kilograms; I can do so in five- or ten-kilo intervals, or five- or ten-pound intervals. Getting below 120 kilograms also puts me below the 265-pound mark, so maybe today represents the crossing of two boundaries, the establishment of two milestones. I'd say that I'm going to go out and celebrate by eating a pile of food, but I've committed myself to a Paleo-style day of starvation today, so I'll simply hike up Namsan tonight and eat something tomorrow.

I've read before that the human body needs about 12 calories of food per pound of body weight to maintain weight from day to day. At 264 pounds, that means I need to be eating about 3,168 calories per day. In fast-food terms, that's like two Whopper value meals. But I know for a fact that, were I to eat two such value meals a day, I would most certainly gain weight. My body seems designed to gain weight quickly and to lose weight only slowly, grudgingly.* Hence the relentless hiking. Not that I'm complaining: since I do enjoy walking, adding hiking back into my schedule is a welcome change of lifestyle.

I get paid by Dongguk in four days. The money doesn't come a moment too soon. I'm not sure when, exactly, the money from the Golden Goose will be arriving, but that payment, too, will be welcome, and I'll finally be on my way to reducing some debts.

*Part of the problem is my poop cycle. Eating a meal doesn't take long, but getting rid of the poop generated by the meal takes forever, and by the time I've gotten rid of part of a meal, I've already eaten again, thus creating a negative feedback loop that leads to weight gain in the form of undigested (or unshat) food. The food just lingers in my bowels, which release the ass-babies only after much delay and grumbling.


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