Wednesday, September 03, 2014

the wait

Today, I'm off from Dongguk, as I have Wednesdays free. Normally, I'd be over in another part of Seoul, working for the Golden Goose, but today I'm at the Sejong-no branch of Immigration in Jongno. Once again, I was slow on the draw: I got ticket number 109, and by 9:45AM, we were only up to number 16. That doesn't bode well: that's 32 people in 90 minutes, 64 people in 180 minutes—then we skip an hour for lunch. I probably won't be out of here until 2PM or 3PM today, despite having arrived at 9 o'clock.

A side note: I never got the memo, but apparently, even though Immigration's services claim not to open until 9AM, people can arrive and take numbers even as early as 8:30AM. I'll have to remember that.

So for the moment, I'm sitting in a lobby coffee shop, banging out this entry. In a few minutes, I'll go up and check on the progress. My prediction: we'll be at about number 35. If we're further along than that, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

UPDATE: My boss from the Golden Goose just called me and said I could have reserved, online, a 15-minute block of time instead of taking a number. Duh. Lessons learned.


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