Friday, September 05, 2014

Namsanic ambitions

Tonight, which marks the first night of my five-day weekend,* I'll be attempting something a little bit different: I'm going to walk both bus routes that go up and down the flanks of Namsan. I'll start the way I normally do, walk until I reach the summit, then instead of walking back down the same bus route, I'll walk the other route down the mountain. Once I reach the bottom, I'll walk back up to the summit (well, almost to the summit), then I'll walk my normal route back down past the university and into my lovely little blue-collar neighborhood. It'll be like hiking up and down the mountain four times, and will probably take me until sometime past midnight to complete the entire périple.

My only worry is that my left hip joint might do more than twinge. Here's hoping that isn't the case, but it's a distinct possibility, given the long distance I'll be covering tonight. Those worries aside, here's a pic of a big hominid's face, in profile, etched into the pathway that I normally take up the mountain:

*I'm actually going to be, uh, otherwise occupied on Tuesday and Wednesday, so this won't be much of a vacation.


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