Thursday, February 12, 2015

a last look

Along with taking pics of The Crêpe Guy on February 2, there was one other thing I did on Groundhog Day, and that was to take some pics of my humble yeogwan as I was boxing everything up in preparation for my move to Goyang. Here are those pics, from ten days ago. Hover your cursor over the images to see their captions.

So that's what things looked like a few days before I got the hell outta there. I hope this gives you an idea of what my living conditions were like for six months. I'm amazed that I survived that stint without going nuts: architecturally speaking, I'm a big fan of huge, airy, vaulted spaces. My ideal living situation would be a capacious loft apartment that I own, complete with its own gym; a huge, world-class kitchen area; and sleeping units and couches ringing the edge. That, or a large, high-ceilinged mansion out in the middle of nowhere—on a mountainside, maybe, close to a lake and some rivers—with bears patrolling the environs, and no neighbors except for some very hot, very lonely young women looking for a little fireside comfort during the winter. Basically: the opposite of what I just lived in for half a year.


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Charles said...

In that photo of your laundry rack, I'm going to assume that the bit you mosaicked out is, in fact, the entrails of some alien that you stalked and killed late at night in some back alley.