Monday, February 16, 2015


I had been hoping to celebrate my goddaughter's acceptance into her first-choice university by visiting the local Costco and triumphantly downing a BBQ brisket sandwich... but the sandwich turned out to be tiny and cold—not at all what I expected. My brother David, to whom I expressed my disappointment about the sandwich, noted that serving a normally warm sandwich cold is a food-safety risk. Although I haven't been shooting Exorcist-style fountains of diarrhea out of my ass, I think I'll pass on the beef sandwich from now on. That was a real let-down. Damn you, Costco.



Charles said...

Expecting anything but disappointment from Costco prepared food is just foolishness.

Usually when we eat at Costco it's because we timed our shopping poorly and were left with the choice of Costco prepared food or going hungry. The former is only slightly better than the latter... but it is still better.

Kevin Kim said...

I beg to differ: Costco pizza has a good reputation on both sides of the Pacific. My only problem with Costco pizza in Korea is that I'm pretty much stuck with ordering cheese pizza: the only other choice is some sort of "supreme" or "combo" with onions. No simple pepperoni.

Charles said...

Maybe they changed the Costco pizza recipe since I tried it last, but I remember it being way too thick in the crust and very stingy in the sauce department--basically thick, chewy bread with cheese separated by a thin layer of weak sauce. Perhaps it differs by branch?

(Although, searching through the dusty archives of my memory, I seem to remember Costco pizza being decent when Costco first hit these shores, with the quality gradually but steadily decreasing over time until it was no longer worth eating.)