Sunday, February 01, 2015

a new record

I only just barely managed to pull this off, but tonight I got in 22,001 steps right before midnight, which means I finished January with a daily step average of 14,153 steps per day—an average that puts me slightly higher than my November average (you'll recall that I screwed the pooch in December) of 14,115 steps per day.

A new record, then, and once again we're moving in the right direction. 15,000 steps per day remains the coveted golden fleece, but I think we'll get there sometime soon.



John (I'm not a robot) said...

I think it would be cool to see those steps put on a map. Like going back to when you started and showing how far you'd have progressed if you were walking across America or something...

John said...

I managed 15000 today and I am pretty proud of myself. I think your monthly average total is just over double that of mine. Dude you seriously have a Forest Gump "walk'in fool" thing going! Seriously though do your new digs have any hills nearby to tackle? Going up hill really grinds out each of those ticks on the pedometer.

Charles said...

Congrats, dude. You are the mad stepper.

Kevin Kim said...

John Not a Robot,

My friend Mike also suggested mapping out my walks. I'd written about that before, but what I've discovered, after downloading the map app, is that (1) it sucks a lot of power out of the phone, which means my battery is likely to die mid-walk, and (2) it sucks a lot of data out of my monthly data allotment because I rely on LTE, not Wi-Fi, when I'm on the street. The GPS ping-thingy has to be turned on for the map app to work, which means there's a lot of bandwidth being used.

As for mile counts, I think I blogged about that, too, a while back (see here).


Many thanks. Onward to 15K steps!

NZ John,

Thanks. At the new place, in Ilsan/Goyang, there are hills in the distance. It'll be a hike just to reach those hills, but I agree that they present a good challenge, mainly because of the cardio they'll provide.

My resting heart rate went from the 90s to the 70s because of Namsan's steeper slopes. I imagine my blood pressure has gone down correspondingly as well. I still look plenty fat, but not quite as fat as I used to, and I think that, by exercising, I've saved myself from experiencing an early-life heart attack.

Congrats on your 15K steps, by the way! Do you still hunt and rock-climb? Still able to sharpen a knife on any surface? I'll never forget that little demonstration at Campus Foreign Language Institute, when you sharpened a blade on a mere linoleum table edge. That was incredible.

John said...

I haven't done anything since I went to Korea all those years ago. My guns are at my mum's house and haven't been used in over 20 years. I did show my daughter how to shoot a shotgun once last year but she is spectacularly disinterested in hunting. Walking is fun though. I tell my wife that I enjoy walking because I have yang ban DNA. Apparently in the old days in Korea you could tell who was a yang ban because they were the dudes who could saunter along the roads without having to hurry anywhere.