Sunday, February 08, 2015

...and a busier Monday lies ahead

Monday looks to be even busier than today. First, I need to visit the appropriate immigration office to register my relocation (you'll recall I got fined W100,000 last time for not having told the office of my move within the 14-day window of opportunity). There's a chance that I can go to a local branch in Gimpo, which is near Ilsan, but I might have to go back to the Jongno branch, since that's where I'd last done any paperwork.*

Second, I need to head down to the Seoul campus of Dongguk to fetch my faculty handbook and get my electronic certificate uploaded onto a thumb drive. The certificate can then be downloaded onto any Windows computer in Ilsan, at which point I can function independently when it comes to using Dongguk's proprietary online database. No more need to slog back and forth between Goyang/Ilsan and central Seoul.

Third, while I'm on campus, I need to visit the campus bank, cancel my old ATM card, and get a new card. Like a fucking idiot, I lost my card this past Friday, and I feel naked without it. (I can still access my money via my tongjang, ie., my bank's "passbook.") Most Shinhan Bank branches are closed on weekends, so I've been unable to resolve the issue.

There may be one or two more things to do while I'm in downtown Seoul, after which I have to head back north to Goyang to continue working on my friend's manuscript.

*I've heard that one doesn't have to go to Immigration to register a move: the local "gu" (large district) office is fine. But I've already printed out the form for Immigration, and this is probably a more reliable way to avoid being fined again, since I can't guarantee that the "gu" office and Immigration are in communication with each other. Given the nature of Korean bureaucracies, I'd bet on there being little to no communication at all, especially with my luck.

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