Monday, February 09, 2015

altered mission

So I tried waking up at 5:45 this morning—I really did. The alarm got me up; I turned it off... then promptly flopped back into bed and woke up at 6:55AM—far too late for me to shower, dress, and make the long commute into downtown Seoul to visit Immigration in a timely manner. So I'll be going to La Migra, and to Dongguk, tomorrow. Today, the only item on the agenda is getting a new ATM card, which I'm going to do in a few minutes. No call from the Daechi-dong branch of Shinhan Bank, where I'm pretty sure I left my card. I've been checking my balance regularly since Friday; no one has been making any unscrupulous withdrawals, so I've got time, I think, to cancel the card and get a new one issued to me.

Sheesh. The problems I make for myself.


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