Sunday, February 08, 2015

epic tea time with Alan Rickman

This ranks right up there with those videos of Scottish actor Brian Cox sitting in a plush armchair, sipping Scotch and correctly pronouncing the name of each drink he sips. Watch in awe as Alan Rickman, the most famous nasal voice in the world, fixes himself a cup of tea, then does something rather dramatic—all in super slo-mo.



Charles said...

Incredible video. But I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to openculture (which, somehow, I had not been aware of). I am now listening to Sylvia Plath read from Ariel.

Sperwer said...

Got the conceit after 15 seconds. Watched until 2:20. Too boring to hang around longer, even knowing there's something coming st the end.

Kevin Kim said...


See, all that weightlifting is shortening your attention span. Either that, or you've been in Korea long enough to have absorbed the bballi-bballi-life-is-short mentality. Maybe I'm just wired differently, but I laughed pretty much the entire time.

Charles said...

I think the fact that I watched the entire thing despite the fact that Alan Rickman dropped a teabag into a glass of standing water (for the love of God, man, everyone knows that the teabag goes in first and the boiling water goes on top of it!) says a lot. I found it all quite fascinating, even though I knew what was coming. It's like seeing a train wreck--an awesome, spectacular train wreck--coming and not being able to look away.

Sperwer, I'm guessing you wouldn't be too impressed by Sylvia Plath reading from Ariel, either. I was enthralled.