Friday, October 09, 2015

Ave, Justin!

Justin Yoshida always finds the cool stuff on YouTube, and this time around he's found a hilarious, mind-bending "mash-up" video of a place called Hell's Club, where fictional characters meet. You might see, for example, several Tom Cruises there—the one from "Cocktail," the one from "Collateral," etc. Same for Al Pacino: Carlito might be standing around looking sinister while Scarface is seated in a corner booth, also looking sinister. Ewan McGregor? Yup: "Star Wars" meets "Trainspotting." And John Travolta? On the dance floor, looking "Saturday Night Fever" young, and off to the side, looking "Pulp Fiction" old. The result of all this editing is surreal, funny, and maybe even a little poignant toward the end—although Arnold's Terminator provides the final second of comedy. Go give it a look-see.


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Surprises Aplenty said...

If you like Tom Cruise, adaptations of movie footage and clubs, you should like Cocktails and Dreams

A guy inserted himself into the movie, suggests starting a new club, then goes on a killing spree.