Monday, October 26, 2015

one last look at the dawg

Here's a final shot of David and Penny, out for a walk before David drove me to the airport. As you see, Penny is only doing what comes naturally:



Bratfink said...

In Montanner I had a dog named Dawg.

Kevin Kim said...

That's probably the least odd of the odd names you give your animals. I mean, really—"Woffie"? Shoulda' named him "Wookie."

Bratfink said...

Sheldon's mom named the dog 'Batman'. Since Bewbs' real name is Batcat and Sheldon calls him 'Bats', we needed a new name for the dog. I was all for calling him 'Waste Of Fur' or WOF, which got changed to Woffie. Some people thought we were calling him 'Wolfie'. Ha ha.

So now you see how it all makes sense.

Sort of. :-\