Friday, October 02, 2015


On Saturday, I have to go into town to pick up my hanbok. Later that day, I need to get cracking with all my minister-related duties because—ta-da—my package finally arrived.


The timing of this package's arrival was infuriating. I had ordered the damn thing on August 21. A month and a week went by; I finally used USPS's "contact us" service to let them know that I was still waiting for my package. In the meantime, having lost all patience, I re-ordered the package, but told my brother David not to send it on to me: instead, I had him just scan the important pages and email the images to me to work with, as we'd done with Mom's death certificate. I had paid $91 for the first package because I had ordered some extra how-to material along with the basic paperwork. The second time, when I re-ordered, I got only the basics, which set me back $35. On top of that, I paid $21 for expedited shipping. Then, as I suspected would happen, the first package—the one costing $91—arrived at Dongguk University, and I got the email from my former department announcing the package's arrival on the same day that my brother scanned and emailed me the important pages from the second package, thus making the second package unnecessary.

I want to kill somebody.

As I said, I had ordered the package back in August, i.e., back when I was about to move out of Goyang City and into my new residence. Not knowing my new address at the time, I elected to have the package sent to Dongguk University, the only stable address I knew. I wonder whether having the package sent to Dongguk did something to lengthen the shipping time. I also wonder whether the package simply sat there at ROK Customs—for weeks—while the staffers jerked off all day long.

I feel sorry for David, who basically did double work for no real return. I'll try to make it up to him when I see him in a couple weeks.

Wow. A couple weeks. This is really happening.

OK... gotta get busy.


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John from Daejeon said...

This is where having at least one friend on the southern peninsula comes in quite handy. You can use their address for important material you don't want your bosses to know about or while you are in address limbo.