Thursday, October 22, 2015

wish me luck

Penny the dog suddenly got weird on me last night, growling at me when I approached her where she lay curled up on the living-room couch. She showed her teeth and even snapped at me once, and I had to wonder what had put her in that mood. Figuring women out has never been my strong point.

I texted David about his dog's behavior, and he thought that Penny might need more time to get used to me: David had been out all day at work, and I was basically a newcomer to the house. It was strange, though: Penny immediately dropped the growliness whenever I gave her a doggie treat, then she went back to treating me like an alien in her home. Well... I do have something of the alien about me, so maybe she's picking up on that.

This morning, I'm off to DC to request a new passport. From what I've heard, this can be a same-day process, but it's also an all-day process: submit your request in the morning, pick up your document around 4PM. I might spend the day tooling around in DC, visiting the Smithsonian, walking the Mall, and hanging in Georgetown. Not a bad way to spend the day waiting.

Here's hoping the request process goes well. Wish me luck as I spend a shitload of money to redress a stupid mistake.


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Bratfink said...

I suppose dogs are allowed to have their bad days.