Saturday, October 17, 2015

rehearsal day

Friday began with a huge, family-size breakfast of eggs, sausage links, and pancakes. Quite delicious, and I had the chance to sit down with some of my future in-laws. For the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon, we broke up into small groups and did our own separate things.

My group elected to hit the local state park. We got directions from the resort owners, then drove out to the park for a pleasant autumnal stroll. The park contained the Lee House, home of Lighthorse Harry Lee, as well as a sulfur spring that stank even as it put out water that apparently was good for the skin and also excellent for making coffee. Two girls, Jeff's young nieces, were with us, and while we were at a playground with slides, seesaws, and swings, I showed the older niece what Galileo (I think) had discovered about the periodicity of pendulum oscillations: each swing, no matter its width, always takes the same amount of time. We also found a large carcass that I thought must have been a wolf spider. The girls refused to come near it.

At the behest of the grown-up ladies in our group, we next drove to the Lost River Trading Post, a souvenir shop that sold old trinkets and works by local artists and craftsmen. Many of the items on display were interesting in a museum-like way, but I didn't see anything that was tempting enough to purchase, not even the pottery done by a Korean artist who had signed his or her name in Chinese.

Our third and final stop was for lunch at a place recommended by the locals. The Quarter-mile Diner proved to be a very good restaurant: I ordered a taco salad; others in the group ordered hamburgers, hot dogs, and even a "white chili" special made with white beans and shredded chicken. Service was quick and friendly. If I ever come this way again, I'll keep this place in mind.

Stuffed and pooped, I got back to the Guest House at Lost River and rested a bit before the afternoon wedding rehearsal. The organizer for the event, a feisty woman named Christine (whom Sean adores), got us in our places and took us through the general movement and rhythm of the ceremony. We did both an indoor and an outdoor run; the final location of the ceremony hasn't been decided yet because we're waiting to see how the weather will turn out. I'm not looking forward to being dressed in a heavy hanbok while indoors with seventy people, but one must prepare for any eventuality.

After rehearsal, we adjourned to dinner, which Sean and Jeff had purchased, but which the resort staff laid out and served. I met some of Sean's Korean friends and spoke in Korean with them; I also met one of Sean's French-speaking friends and talked with her a bit.

Not to jinx things, but I'm feeling pretty good about how the ceremony is going to go. We've got good and capable people in the wedding party, and everyone is rooting for this event to go well. It's just up to me not to flub this.


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