Saturday, October 24, 2015

flight info

It's Friday, late afternoon, as I write this. I'm leaving the US tomorrow. Because I'm "borrowing" my own car from Mike and his family, who are the Honda's stewards (imagine the Honda as the land of Gondor, with Mike in the Denethor role), I have to drive the car back to Fredericksburg Saturday morning. There are two important factors to consider in determining tomorrow's schedule: (1) I need to be at Dulles International Airport three hours before my 1:35PM flight to Narita, and (2) David needs to be able to drive from Dulles straight to a birthday party for his five-year-old godson. In principle, I have to be at Dulles by 10:30AM, but if David is to make it to his godson's noon party on time, he probably needs to deposit me at the airport around 9:45AM or 10AM at the very latest. It's the better part of an hour to get to Dulles from Alexandria, but if we drop off my Honda at Mike's house in Fredericksburg first, we're going almost an hour south before we head back north.

So unless we drop the Honda off at Mike's tonight (unlikely, since David is working at in DC tonight), we're probably going to work it this way:

1. Wake up at 6AM.
2. Out the door by 7AM.
3. Drive separately to Mike's: yours truly in the Honda, David in his SUV. Arrive close to 8AM.
4. Quick pleasantries and final goodbyes with Mike & fam, then drive north to Dulles. Arrive around 9:30 or 9:45AM.
5. Deposit Kevin at airport; David drives off to his party and tries not to fall asleep at the wheel en route.

Best I can figure, that's the plan.

David has a tenant renting out his downstairs, a guy named P. P suggested that we drive the Honda down tonight, but as I mentioned above, that's not likely to happen if David works late again, as he's been doing all week thanks to his film projects. (David works in PR; lately, he's been the go-to media guy producing public-service videos for this and that client of his company, Hager Sharp (here's David himself).

One way or another, I'm out of here tomorrow. Although it's strange to say it, given how happy I've been to be back in Virginia, I'm impatient to return to Korea. America's my homeland and always will be, but Korea's the place I now call home.

Oh, yes: the actual flight info mentioned in this post's title!

Flight US 803, departing IAD on Saturday, October 24, at 1:35PM, destination NRT (Narita); arriving NRT on Sunday, October 25, at 4:40PM.
Flight UA 79, departing NRT on Sunday, October 25, 6:30PM, destination ICN (Seoul Incheon International); arriving ICN on Sunday, October 25, at 9:30PM.

After that, it's just a matter of taking a limousine bus to Daechi or Daechong; if Daechi, then I'll either walk the rest of the way home or grab a cab. Makes no matter.



  1. Pro tip: Try not to drop your passport off in a postbox on the way to the airport.



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