Wednesday, October 07, 2015

will I make 20K steps tonight?

I've been walking again, as well as trying not to eat dinner as a way to lose a few kilos before I head back to the States. I did over 18K steps yesterday, mostly on the looping bike trail at the park beside my building (it's a nice park, too), and that's a minor record: it's the largest number of steps that I've walked ever since I activated my new Samsung pedometer app.

Tonight, I'm going to walk another 90 or 100 minutes to try to cross the 20K mark and get up to where I used to be. Of course, such walks aren't nearly as beneficial as walking up a mountain would be, but I can't walk Daemosan at night without a flashlight (or after a rain—too slippery for us fatties), and 20K steps on level ground isn't nothing.

Wish me luck. I'm off to the races.

UPDATE: I limped back in after a walk of 21.3K steps. Distance: almost exactly 11 miles. Almost 1,000 calories burned.


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