Tuesday, October 13, 2015

testing, testing (redux)

Today, I devoted a lot of time to learning the ins and outs of putting on a hanbok. Most of this was easy; the only difficult part was figuring out how to tie the knot that holds the front of the robe together. Luckily, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help with this, but despite the tutorials, I still needed several tries before I got the knot-tying more or less correct.

And in what may be a fashion faux pas, I've decided to recruit my Buddhist rosary—made of carved wooden skulls—to be part of my ensemble. I've studied and practiced enough Buddhism that, while I'd never claim to be an out-and-out Buddhist, I'd certainly feel comfortable calling Buddhism part of my spiritual heritage. The skulls merely signify impermanence, and in Buddhism, impermanence is not-good, not-bad: it's just the way things are. Besides, the skulls are kind of cute.

What follows are stills from a video I took to test out my hanbok. I hope you'll pardon the faux-taekwondo silliness.


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