Sunday, October 04, 2015

fettuccine faux-Fredo makes another appearance

Dinner tonight:

Ever since I decided to replace the standard Parmigiano with bleu or Gorgonzola in my fettuccine Alfredo (thus turning it into a faux-Fredo), I haven't looked back. It's the sort of trade-up that everyone should make when they get the chance: find a superior ingredient, improve an already-good dish, and ratchet yourself that much higher up the culinary ladder, outdoing yourself again and again.

Tonight's meal's components included: fettuccine (some weird brand named Divella, which cooked up rubbery instead of a proper al dente); thick-cut, crisp-fried bacon; mushrooms pan-fried in butter and olive oil, with powdered garlic, salt, and pepper; chicken done the same way; crème supérieure; butter; Gorgonzola; baby leaves (mostly spinach).

Quite nice.


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