Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a quick ASOIAF note

I still have most of my promised essays on A Song of Ice and Fire to write, but I've been rereading the series in a sporadic manner for the past couple of months. I just finished the second novel, A Clash of Kings, and am about to start the all-important third novel, A Storm of Swords, in which features the infamous Red Wedding, among other crucial events.

Once I finish all five books again, I'll finally buy the "Game of Thrones" TV series and sit myself down to watch that. I've seen plenty of the series already, haphazardly, thanks to all those YouTube clips. Of course, with YouTube's prudish restrictions, I haven't caught much boobage, but we'll be rectifying that mammary deficit soon enough.

So that's the plan for now: finish rereading, then boobs.



Bratfink said...

Boobage? There's WAY more than just boobage! Sheldon is going to love the series when he finally sees it. I have the 1st season on Blu ray--thanks to my BBF.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm a man. There are things that men focus on, often to the exclusion of all else.

Is Sheldon an ASOIAF purist? He might be agitated, even infuriated, by many of the story changes.